Friday, March 19, 2010

Magpie Party!!

At Simply Elegant Boutique in Galena one will find awesome accessories, and very,very cute clothes! I know this because I have shopped there before and also because I hosted a Magpie party at my house last night!

What is a Magpie party you may ask? Well...a Magpie party is when Robin(boutique owner)"brings her store" into your home. She decorates your living room with the latest in style accessories and sets up manechines to model the "in" clothes of the season for you and your friends!
Michaela and Barb(behind the manechine), Ale, Beth's mama, Claire and Robin
Here you see Robin(the back of Robin actually) and Ale who is setting up clothes on the hanger.

I will let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves!

My friends Ruth and Anna taking a chatting break from the retail therapy!
Claire, Anna, and Ashlee

Abby, Anita, and manechine Rihanna ;)

Ruth bought this a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e purse! All I have to say is that it fits her personality(does that make sense) it's fun and artsy.My perks for hosting the party!!! I really NEEDED a new purse, I LIKE the bracelet so much and...
I LoVe this necklace(plus it comes with matching earrings)
Did I say I love it!!? Okay, just wanted to make sure i mentioned that I love it!! haha

All in all, good times was had by all!

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Robin said...

Your party was so much fun, Iuli! Thanks, again!